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The DIGITABLE project

DIGITABLE is a project funded by the French agency ANR in the "software" network.

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DIGITABLE is a project of a shared interface for a collaborative surface used in the same room and / or remotely. The main objectives are:

  • the technological optimization of finger interaction by the fusion of tactile and computer vision tracking
  • the design of new styles of interaction
  • usage evaluation in local and remote situations


The digital table allows many people to interact at the same time on the same surface, thanks to the natural bare-hand interfaces. The DIGITABLE project focus on a more direct interaction (compared to the traditional mouse interaction), on gesture recognition and on physical object tracking for the creation of tangible interactions.

DIGITABLE offers new paradigms for:

  • person-machine interaction through the manipulation of digital and tangible objects,
  • person-person interaction by allowing the co-interaction in the same location or remotely through interactive tables.


The design and validation of new tools and services for collaboration and communication based on natural interaction


  • France Telecom R&D (Lannion) (Coordinator): computer vision, ergonomics and usages, application for narrative collaborative design
  • LIMSI (Orsay): collaborative interaction of tactile surfaces, toolkit for shared interactions
  • ENSAM (Paris): Ergonomics and Usages, application to creativity sessions
  • LIG/IIHM, University of Grenoble: finger tracking with computer vision, interactive surfaces, tangible interfaces
  • IntuiLab (Toulouse): innovative widget toolkit, software architecture, application for Air Traffic Control
  • ENST-Bretagne, Thales (Joint lab. ATOL,Brest): application for marine surveillance
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